NSP DC SURF RACE VC 12'6" x 28" Brushed Carbon

NSP DC SURF RACE VC 12'6" x 28" Brushed Carbon

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Designed to be at the front of the pack of the popular 12’6 race class the Surf Race range has great flatwater speed and amazing stability in buoy turns, in and out of surf conditions. These boards are also proven downwind ocean performers making the NSP DC Surf Race one of the most versatile boards ever made. All boards feature a flat, slightly dished deck for traction and stability and a high volume nose for punching through surf, and chasing up and over ocean bumps. Dynamic tail lift helps with pivot turns. The Pro Carbon model is designed to the specifications of World Champion Travis Grant. All boards in the Surf Race range follows similar design cues, building in some additional forgiveness to accommodate the non-professional athlete.

- All NSP DC race board shapes are designed by Alain Teurquetil and shaped by Dale Chapman with input from world champion Travis Grant
- Brushed Carbon is the NSP mid tier race focused construction – designed for the advanced or elite level rider looking for an edge in performance
- Carbon vacuum molded epoxy construction with a wood inlay in the deck for superior durability
- Further refinement to plan shapes and overall profiles result in a range of boards that are capable of winning races for the accomplished paddler
- Pro level graphics and 3 tone, tri-density deck traction
- NSP race blue brushed light weight finish
- Y-handle and nose race strap
- Single fin box slot and 9” hatchet fin included- goretex vent

NSP Brushed Carbon
Our mid range racing construction. By working hard on material qualities and matching designs in 2015 we offer the Brushed Carbon range. A full vacuum molded construction featuring a carbon deck and rails with a wood sandwich in the standing area it offers a fantastic blend of value, weight, stiffness and performance. With a hand finished ‘brushed carbon’ paint finish to minimise weight and efficiency across the water the Brushed Carbon Series is ideal for the majority of competitive paddlers looking for a real edge when it’s time to set the paddle and go!

- Securecell EPS Core
- Carbon Fibre Sandwich with Wood deck reinforcement
- Vacuum Epoxy – carbon specific
- Hand Finished Brushed Matt
- Deck Pad, Handle