Valid starting June 13, 2014

About the webshop

The goods on the Helsinki Surf Shop webshop are sold by Helsinki Surf Shop Oy. We sell our products to private persons of legal age in Finland. All prices include the VAT. All rights to changes in prices and postage are reserved.


Orders are mainly placed online at http://www.helsinkisurfshop.fi using the shopping basket. All orders are confirmed by email which states eg the price of the order, postage and ordered goods. Receiving a confirmation requires giving your email address when placing the order. By placing an order the customer agrees to the active terms of delivery.

Methods of payment

Products and postage are paid when placing the order. You can use the following methods of payment in the webshop:

Online bank payment
The Checkout online payment service transfers your payment to the retailer. You can use all banks. Checkout is a safe method of payment. The service is marked in the Financial registry maintained by the Financial Supervisory Authority under the customer service law. Checkout is a service maintained by Checkout Finland Oy:n (business ID 2196606-6).
Please notice that you have to have a valid finnish bank account to pay with this method.

Credit cards
You can pay by all credits cards accepted by Nets. The webshop acts as the marketer of services and products and delivers products to customers. It also deals with legal matters and other duties set by the shop. When paying with Nets cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard), the transaction is made between the customer and Suomen Ostolaskut Oy (2284303-3). Suomen Ostolaskut Oy is the recipient of payment and an official partner of the Checkout service which then recounts the payment to the webshop. The agreement partners in the matter are Nets and Suomens Ostolaskut Oy.

You can use the popular PayPal payment to pay your purchase. Here you can find more info and instructions about PayPal: https://www.paypal.com

Klarna Credit

Using the Klarna Credit is safe and easy. You never have to give credit card information and you always get the ordered goods before having to pay for them.

You always get the ordered goods before paying for them Your term of payment is always 14 days You do not have to give out your credit card information Return policy 14 days according to the customer rights law* download your original bill online at klarna.fi Possibility to pay your bill in installments

Billing charge 3.95€ per order. In case the payment is late, a reminder fee of 5.00€ and a penalty interest of 7,50% is added to the sum of the bill. Klarna checks the creditworthiness at the moment of purchase, which in some cases may mean doing a credit check.

Personal data is dealt with according to the Personal Data Act. Klarna uses personal data to draw customer analysis, to identify persons, to check creditworthiness and for marketing purposes. Customer’s social security number is used as a customer number for CRM reasons.

  • Is not valid for all products, eg flights, events and custom made products.

Klarna Account

Pay in installments starting 9 € / month

The Klarna Account is designed for when you want to make the decision of the amount of your monthly installments. But the Klarna Account is more than that. You will get the ordered goods before you have to pay for them. All your purchases are combined into one monthly bill even if you order goods from different webshops, as long as you make the payment through your Klarna Account.

You always get the ordered goods before paying for them Monthly installment of 9 € or minimum 1/24 of the total sum You do not have to give out your credit card information Buy now, pay at the end of next month You can always pay the remaining credit in one installment All purchases are combined into one account and one single monthly installments Management fee of 3,95 € / month despite the number of orders

According to stipulations, the starting fee for a 1000€-purchase on a Klarna Account is 0€. The annual interest rate at the moment is 22%, in which case the true annual interest for the example purchase is 34.64%. The credit price for the purchase is 1171€. There are 12 installments, each amounting to 98€. The example purchase requires the sum total to be paid within a year.

Personal data is dealt with according to the Personal Data Act. Klarna uses personal data to draw customer analysis, to identify persons, to check creditworthiness and for marketing purposes. Customer’s social security number is used as a customer number for CRM reasons.

More information on the Klarna terms and stipulations at: https://klarna.com/fi/ehdot

Time of delivery

We process and mail orders as soon as possible. Usually orders are mailed within 2 to 3 days of orders on business days. Should you need your order as speed delivery, you can give us a call during opening hours at 010 231 8558.

Mode of delivery and delivery fee

We deliver orders of over 100€ in Finland to post offices and parcel terminals free of charge. Note that the free shipping does not include windsurfboards, SUP-boards, kite-boards and surfboards. A shipping fee will be added to these boards.

For international orders we add a shipping fee and all orders will be delivered by DHL or UPS.

Delivery fees include postage and packing costs. You can check delivery fees after choosing the payment and delivery method of your purchases. We ship orders as parcels, letters or maxi letters. Only a parcel can be tracked with a delivery code.

Itella Economy parcel can be picked up at a post office.
A COD parcel is picked up and paid at a post office.
A Smartpost parcel is picked up at a Smartpost parcel terminal.
More information about parcel alternatives, payments and delivery methods at http://www.posti.fi/index-en.html

Matkahuolto bus parcels are picked up at Matkahuolto service points and at Matkahuolto agents.
Matkahuolto Near-parcels are picked up at Matkahuolto service points or their partners' service points.
More information on Matkahuolto services at: https://www.matkahuolto.fi/en/

Cancellation and return policy

You have the right to cancel your order without giving a reason within 14 days.
Possible cancellation must be done within 14 days of receiving the ordered goods.
In order to use your right to cancel a purchase you must inform us (Helsinki Surf Shop Oy, Vattuniemenkatu 11, 00210 Helsinki; Email. info@helsinkisurfshop.fi ) of your decision in a clear way (eg by email or by mailing us a letter). You can use the cancellation form by clicking the link below, but using the form is not mandatory. Should you use this option, we will inform you about receiving the cancellation eg by email as soon as possible.
To use your right to cancel, it is enough if you mail the cancellation before the 14 days are up.

The effects of cancellation

If you cancel a deal you have made, we will return all installments you have made as well as delivery fees (except if you have chosen a method of delivery which is not our cheapest main mode of delivery) without delay, but within 14 days after receiving your cancellation. We will return the money using the same method of payment you used when making the original purchase unless you have agreed to a different method. In any case the return will not cause any extra fees. We can refrain from returning payment until we receive the returned goods or you have in some way prove you have sent the goods back. You must send or bring the items back without delay or the latest within 14 days of making the cancellation. The deadline has been met if you send the items back within 14 days of cancellation. We take responsibility for the costs of the return. The customer is responsible for the devaluation of goods only if the devaluation is caused by something other than establishing the character, properties and functionality of the item.

We take priority in customer satisfaction and therefore changing or returning goods is free of charge. Should you want to change or return the ordered item, please dowload the change or return form and follow the instructions.

Download change or return form here

when the return has been validated, the money will be returned into your account after receiving and processing the returned goods.
Should you have any further questions, please contact our customer service: Email. info@helsinkisurfshop.fi and telephone 010 231 8558

Problems with delivery or damaged goods

Should an item go missing or be damaged during transport, or the customer receives the wrong item, the customer should immediately notify the shop at info@helsinkisurfshop.fi or by mail at:

Helsinki Surf Shop Oy
Vattuniemenkatu 11
00210 Helsinki

Notification of wrong delivery or damaged goods must be made within 14 days of receiving the goods. If the parcel has been damaged in the mail, a reclamation on the damaged good must be directed to the post office.


We receive all rights to terms of delivery. The customer must read the current terms of delivery when placing the order. Helsinki Surf Shop webshop deals with all customer details with full confidentiality.