• *Hometown:* Helsinki *Board sports:* Skateboarding and some surfing. *Favorite spots:* Kona Skatepark, Jacksonville, FL. + any terrain vert, bowls, street. *Best memories on a board:* I've met all my best friends and people around me through skateboarding! Good times with my buddies!! *Other interests:* Music, Beer. *Anything else:* Skate Vert!!
  • *Hometown:* Helsinki *Board sports:* Snowboarding and skateboarding *Favorite spots:* Talma is a versatile spot with a pipe and a goor street. You can get an insane number of rides in an hour or two. all of my buddies go there as well. For spring time Åre is pretty nice. For skateboarding Herttoniemi and Vuosaari skateparks are my favorites. *Best memories on a board:* My first longer snowboarding trip to Lapland with mates driving an old mail van. And all spring sessions in Talma, especially good ol' forest corner times - sometimes I landed on the wrong side, directly into a mudpond. For skateboarding I'd say hot sessions in Herttoniemi mini and going for a swim after. *Other interests:* In addition to doing air on a board, I like to sit in the cockpit of a plane. Many seasons I've managed about a hundred days on the slopes so I don't really have time for much else during winters.
  • *Hometown:* Sipoo countryside *Board sports:* Snowboarding, skateboarding, occasional longboarding, learning to surf whenever I can. *Favorite spots:* Helsinki/Malmö/Copenhagen, Talma, Lapland, China, too many to list… *Best memories on a board:* Any given day shredding Talma halfpipe with my friends. Scandinavian concrete skateparks are super fun too. *Other interests:* Surfing, still so challenging after all these years. *Anything else:* 25+ years on board, looking for at least another 25+ years to come. Keep on riding! *Instagram:* @iamhenri
  • *Hometown:* Helsinki *Board sports:* Skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding. *Favorite spots:* The most laid-back spots to surf and skate at the moment are in Portugal. In Finland I spend quite a lot of time in Tapuli and Vuosaari. *Best memories on a board:* summerdays of skating all day, driving to different spots with my friends. *Other interests*: Music, photography, traveling *Instagram:* @lulaloua *Blog:* wheelslikepowder.blogspot.fi
  • *Hometown:* Born in Outokumpi, currently lives in Helsinki. *Board sports:* Skateboarding, occasionally snowboarding *Best memories on a board:* All Friday sessions whereever *Other interests:* Sauna and getting sweaty. *Anything else:* Behave yourselves.
  • *Hometown:* Järvenpää *Board sports:* Snowboarding, skateboarding and random fooling around. Surfing is on my wish list. *Favorite spots:* Järvenpää, Helsinki, Talma, Lapland.. I discover new spots all the time, so there's much to choose from. *Best memories on a board:* Each and every day I can spend outside with my friends. *Other interests:* Staying healthy and having a good time!
  • *Hometown:* Helsinki *Board sports:* Skeittaus, lumilautailu ja surffaus aina, kun mahdollista. *Suosikkipaikat:* Skeittauskessa ja surffauksessa Baskimaa on kyllä ehdoton lemppari. *Parhaat muistot laudalla:* Skeittimuistoja on todella paljon, mutta ehkä ensimmäinen backflip oli omalla tavallaan pitkäaikaisen haaveen saavuttaminen ja sitä kautta hieno muisto. Surffauksessa ensimmäisen aalto oli myös todella mieleenpainuva. *Muita mielenkiinnonkohteita:* Musiikki, kuvataide ja fresbeegolf.