Carver Inallofus 32"

Carver Inallofus 32"

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The Inallofus reintroduces Carver's Rocker mold, a flat-rockered shape that

curves upward just like your surfboard. We have all become so accustomed
to decks with concave that we forget how good it feels to ride a
flat-rocker deck. The first thing you’ll notice is how the curvature of
the deck cants your feet inward slightly, leading you to drop your knees
towards each other. This stance in combination with a flat deck feels
more like you’re standing on a surfboard than any other deck. We
included a short tail extension, so even without added kick you still
have the all-important ability to pick up the nose for any bump hopping
and tail pivoting. And at 32” long this short board feels very stable,
great for cruising and pushing. The lowered center is a great push
platform, with less knee bend and more stability. The long 18 ½”
wheelbase is stable at faster lines like downhill carving too, so this
is a versatile traveler. Original artwork by renowned surf artist Erik
Abel, his totemic portrait slyly captures the essence that is ‘in all of